Compilation LP in conjunction with New Music magazine.


Compiled by Philip Brophy & David Chesworth
Designed & screen-printed by Philip Brophy


New Music 1978/79 released on Innocent Records
New Music 1980 released on Innocent Records

New Music 1978/79 LP & New Music 1980 LP © 1980


form the original press-release

In 1976, the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre was founded at the Organ Factory in Clifton Hill, Melbourne. As a venue catering for (initially) new and experimental music and (later) experimental film, video and performance, the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre operated on most Wednesday nights throughout the year. No admission was charged at the door and anyone was able to present their work there.

In late 1979, a magazine called New Music started up in order to document and extend work being done at the centre, After 6 quarterly issues the magazine ceased publication. Now, as a posthumous adjunct to the diverse work presented at the Centre and discussed (through reviews and interviews) in New Music magazine, Innocent Records presents two compilation albums of new and experimental music from the periods 1978079 and 1980.

Not strictly to be filed under the category of 'easy listening', these albums nonetheless provide an interesting, stimulating and even entertaining cross-section of contemporary music. Most of the 21 individuals and groups included on the record are still currently involved in making music, so these records should not be seen as an ending of a period in Melbourne music. The New Music records are simply an attempt to bring this music to a wider audience.



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Ad Hoc
Ernie Althoff
Warren Burt
David Chesworth
John Crawford
The Dave & Phil Duo
Graeme Davis
Essendon Airport
Laughing Hands
Lunatic Fringe
Ron Nagorcka
Plastic Platypus
Mark C. Pollard
The Threeo
David Tolley
Paul Turner
Chris Wyatt