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Multi-media performance of individual performance pieces, devised by 6 key members of → ↑ → at the time.

Jayne Stevenson & Maria Kozic - Latrobe Gallery, Latrobe University, Melbourne © 1979


Script, direction & performers - Philip Brophy, Maria Kozic, Ralph Traviato, Jayne Stevenson, Anthony Montemurro & Leigh Parkhill


Clifton Hill Community Music Centre, Melbourne
Latrobe Gallery, Latrobe University, Melbourne (excerpts)


"Oomgawa Wana Taba Bibi" included on New Music 78/79 compilation LP, Innocent Records, Melbourne


Steve Mori Gallery, Sydney (excerpts)
Guild Theatre, Melbourne (excerpts)

Jayne Stevenson & Maria Kozic - Latrobe Gallery, Latrobe University, Melbourne © 1979


From the original programme note

Structuralism is basically a void (i.e. in opposition to notions of a reality external to works, a reality that merely uses works in terms of referential meaning that relates to life, etc.). A void that neglects the nature of the medium involved to a certain extent, but in place offers perspectives that work in productive ways with interesting implications, unlike the mundane areas of technique and expression.

Structuralism is involved in affirming the manufactured and manipulative reality of works without espousing myths like the freedom of creativity or rationalising the hierarchical position of the artist.

Structuralism however is not a solution - it is merely a working context, where problematics (such as language, representation, history, narrative, etc.) are a bit more clearly defined, as the distorting presence of artistic humanism is relegated to a definitely minor place.

Structuralism is not simply cheap mathematical methodology - its intent is to deal with the problem of how any methodology in this context can be articulated and made operational.

Structuralism is merely another conceptual problem that we can muck about with ...



More Tedious Structuralism

1. Forget The Recipe
2. Bedtime Stories
3. New Faeces
4. Frenetic Fricatives
5. Love Tears At My Heart

Even More Tedious Structuralism

1. Car Crash
2. Let's Split
3. Switched-On Saxophones
4. Bist Du Einscheissen
5. Oomgawa Wana Taba Bibi
6. That'll Be The Day