Volume 2


The Box - Volume 2 was a limited collection of records released on Present Records in 1989. It contained 5 x 12" records + VHS tape + booklet + hand-silkscreened box (inner & outer).


Compilation & design - Philip Brophy
Screen-printing - Maria Kozic & Philip Brophy


Released & distributed through Present Records


Original catalogue information

The special limited edition boxed set contains all 5 of Present's recent 1989 releases. Each record comes in its original cover complete with all prescribed limited edition inserts. The big bonus is the inclusion of a compilation video of all the accompanying video-clips: "Juke Box Racket" by IMPACT; "Guided Muscle To Your Heart" By INSTRUMENTLESS; 'Unstoppable" by ULTRA VIBE JIVE TRIBE; "God Is Dead" by CUT SLASH KILL; and the SALT SALIVA SPERM & SWEAT trailer. We're talking visual to the max t match the maximum sonic range of the Present output."



Impact - Threat mini-LP
Instrumentless - The Abdominal Wall of Noise EP
Ultra Vibe Jive Tribe - White Word mini-LP
Cut Slash Kill - A Fistful of Rock mini-LP
Salt Saliva Sperm & Sweat soundtrack LP
VHS tape