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Published monthly(ish) from 1983 to 1984
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Stuff was the first publishing venture under the → ↑ → imprimatur following the publication of the Made By → ↑ → book. For 'editor' Philip Brophy, the concept was to invite a wide array of writers to submit a short piece on any topic or subject or theme of thing they wished. There was no 'editing' as such: the important thing was that writers would utilise the opportunity to write and have published something that was not designed to fit anywhere, but was simply a self-contained piece of writing, almost devoid of context. Also, the idea was to not labour over the writing, and throw oneself into addressing whatever was the topic at hand. For Philip, this was aligned to most → ↑ → projects: they were always mounted with a solid conceptual foundation, yet there was never any real concern or angst over whether the concept was clear, watertight, thorough or digestible. Philip's faith in the materialization of a concept accepted that such would be the vehicle for allowing the concept to be communicated.

Not all writers were as excited by this brief as Philip was, so the production of the monthly publication became logistically impeded. The last three issues were 'double issues' because writers took longer than anticipated to submit their pieces - and more and more writers seemed most interested in writing a critique of being invited to write something for Stuff. Regardless, the issues collectively document the rabble and noise of a wide range of writers trying out their ideas and personal views - some critical, some poetic, some intellectual, some journalistic, some antagonistic. Each issue of Stuff was photocopied as loose sheets (from hand-typed masters), gathered in a cardboard folder, screen-printed with the Stuff logo and date-stamped.

Original silk-screen for printing Stuff covers


  • Stuff No.1


    Judy Annear - Letters
    Philip Brophy - Denim Schmenim
    Rolando Caputo - The Antishoes By Leonardo Pellinacci
    Dreamflesh - In The Interests Of A Quiet Future
    Peter Lawrence - Minder
    Adrian Martin - True Grid
    Meaghan Morris - Premieres & Physical Jerks
    John Nixon - First Blood
    Vivienne Shark-Lewitt - Tattslotto
    Paul Taylor - The Men of Tom of Finland
    Ralph Traviato - Impossible Artlessness

  • Stuff No.2


    Linda Baron - Black Clothes
    Kim Beissel - Memory & Music
    Marcus Breen - Karl Marx Because ...
    Stuart Coupe - Dick Gaughan
    Ashley Crawford - Port One
    Robert Goodge - Rose Tattoo Scarred For Life
    Colin Hood - A Review Of Reading Habits
    Ted Hopkins - Bombs Away
    John Potts - Car Crashes
    Andrew Preston - Maintain Your Rage

  • Stuff No.3


    John Barbour - The Object Of My Attention
    Raffaele Caputo - Grammies, Elvis & Going Elsewhere
    Michelle Churchill - Cassettes & Reggae
    Juan Davila - Good Luck
    Merryn Gates - State Of Independence
    Gerard Hayes - Parties
    Ian Robertson - de-Meaning, de-Stuffing
    Mark Titmarsh - Insurrection Of The Humanoids
    Peter Tyndall - Anorexists! Nuvo-Expressionists! Drought-Breakers!

  • Stuff No.4

    Double Issue


    John Barbour - Painting & Being Painted
    Kim Beissel - A History Of The Beatles - 50 Cliches Condensed
    Melanie Brelis - Pleasure Of The Lash
    Philip Brophy - End-ing
    Warren Burt - Music Without Hatred
    Raffaele Caputo - That Naughty Girl
    Bill Gent - Murder, Murder, Dangerous Crime
    Ted Hopkins - An Introduction To The Sea
    Sonia Leber - Herbert Heerbert: Jerry Lewis' Ladies Man
    Myron Lysenko - Cars, You Can't Escape Them
    Adrian Martin - Repressed
    Philip Moreland - The Camera Never Lies - My Arse
    Vivienne Shark-Lewitt - In The Desert
    Ruth Williams - Countdown

  • Stuff No.5

    Double Issue


    Peter Anderson - Life Drawing
    Peter Anderson - You Go To An Art Gallery
    Louise Bellamy - The Night Porter
    Louise Bellamy - So Don't Play Mozart
    Rolando Caputo - Movie Movie
    Simon Crosbie - Saint Cecilia
    Glenn Cizano - Doreen, Melbourne 1978
    Barbara Fraxineis - Fuck Off Get Stuffed
    Bill Gent - Or The Imaginary Man (part 2)
    Robert Goodge - Names
    Colin Hood - First Draft For A Smutty Art Criticism
    Ivan Johnson - Ivan Johnson On Film For The First And Last Time
    Angie Maher - Scratching An Itch
    Glen Manison - Kick One, Punch Two, Fall Down, Play Dead
    Adrian Martin - Born Loser
    Ron Meerbeek - Sex
    Andrew Preston - Edited Highlights Of Sale Of The Century In The Year 2000
    James Scanlon - Art, Homour, Suffering
    Vikki Riley - This Magazine Is For Editing Personal Complaints
    Clinton Walker - Guitars

  • Stuff No.6

    Double Issue


    Judy Annear - Telephones
    Warren Burt - .. De La Reve ...
    Philip Brophy - Visions Of Reality
    Raffaele Caputo - Are The Stars Out Tonight ...
    Rolando Caputo - I, Mobster
    Bill Gent - Or The Imaginary Man (part 1)
    Bill Gent - Or The Imaginary Man (part 3)
    Shelley Kay - Vocation As Self
    Maria Kozic - An Article
    Adrian Martin - The Bottom Line
    Bruce Milne - Product Of A Sick Mind
    Jennifer Phipps - Foot Note
    Andrew Preston - What Happens When A Camera Pans Ninety Degrees Left?
    John Potts - The Seventies (One Big Holiday)
    Ian Robertson - Ventriloquism/s, Or, A Series Of "Honesty/s"
    Terry Smith - 'The Field' Then and 'The Field Now': A Fragment
    Ken Wark - Radio Gaga