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CDs have traditionally been released in stereo, but there is no reason why Dolby Surround information cannot be encoded onto CD. The beautiful simplicity of the Dolby Surround system is the way it is matrix-encoded. This means that if you listen to a Dolby Surround recording through a stereo amp and speakers, you get all the information in stereo. But if you play that same recording through a Dolby decoding amplifier connected to additional speakers, you get that same information spatialized in way that replicates how you would hear the recording in a cinema.

In technical terms: the Sound Punch CDs bearing the Dolby Surround logo have been mixed into the Dolby Surround or Pro Logic matrix. This means that from a surround sound amplifier, separate sound information is sent discretely to the following speakers of a surround sound system:

1. the front left speaker;
2. the front right speaker;
3. the front centre speaker;
4. the sub woofer speaker; and
5. simultaneously through the rear left and rear right speakers, combined as a single mono sound.

Essentially, that's 5 tracks of information in place of the standard 2 tracks one gets with stereo playback. This is not to say that ‘more is better', but rather that one can use these 5 tracks as spatial locations so as to shift the sound through wide playback space. Handled effectively, an immersive experience is generated - sometimes gratuitously trippy, but sometimes well-suited to the more off-kilter sonic explorations typical of the Sound Punch label.

Sound Punch started out testing and specialising in the area of surround-sound releases, and has now concentrated on releasing many of Philip's works on DVD-Rs. These audio-only discs contain the complete 5. 1 or quadraphonic mixes.

Philip Brophy's solo CDs were recorded and produced at his own Gelatin Studio. The Ph2 CDs were produced at Gelatin and Philip Samartzis' Beehive Studio. The Lazy3 CD was recorded and produced at RMIT Media Arts. The collaborative project between Philip Brophy, Francois Tetaz and Darrin Verhagen was recorded and produced at Gelatin, P2 Facility and Moose Mastering.


cat # artist/s CD title stereo
Dolby Surround CD Dolby 5.1
HURT-01 Philip Brophy The Cavern of Deep Tones   HURT-01
HURT-02 Ph2 Bionic Blue Bubblegum Slurpee   HURT-02
HURT-03 Lazy3 One Large Magnetic Cartridge     HURT-03
HURT-04 Philip Brophy, Franc Tetaz & Darrin Verhagen Beautiful Cyborg     HURT-04
HURT-05 Philip Brophy Filmmusic Vol.1     HURT-05
HURT-06 Ph2 Janet Leigh (Dead   HURT-06
HURT-07 Various Artists Decomposition


HURT-08 Philip Brophy Aurevelateur   HURT-08
HURT-09 Philip Brophy Beautiful Cyborg 2     HURT-09
HURT-10 Philip Brophy Kissed   HURT-10
HURT-11 Philip Brophy The Planets   HURT-11
HURT-12 Ph2 Northern Void   HURT-12
HURT-13 Philip Brophy Filmmusic Vol.2     HURT-13
HURT-14 Philip Brophy I Am Piano   HURT-14
HURT-15 Philip Brophy Voiceless   HURT-15

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