Record label for CD and DVD-R releases by/co-ordinated by Philip Brophy - 1999 >>
         b a c k g r o u n d     o v e r v i e w      t e c h n i c a l

   P O S T E R S     r e c o r d s

   n e w s      r e v i e w s

Poster for promotional concert of the first 3 CD releases at Revolver - 1999

Poster for first 3 CD releases on
Sound Punch Records - 1999

Flyer for promotional concerts of the
first 3 CD releases at Anna Schwartz
Gallery & the Percy Grainger Museum
(both in quadraphonic sound) &
Revolver - all 1999

Poster for 2nd 3 CD release on Sound Punch Records - 2002

Flyer for promotional concert of the
first 3 CD releases at the
Australian Centre for Contemporay
Art (in quadraphonic sound) - 2000



cat # artist/s CD title stereo
Dolby Surround CD Dolby 5.1
HURT-01 Philip Brophy The Cavern of Deep Tones   HURT-01
HURT-02 Ph2 Bionic Blue Bubblegum Slurpee   HURT-02
HURT-03 Lazy3 One Large Magnetic Cartridge     HURT-03
HURT-04 Philip Brophy, Franc Tetaz & Darrin Verhagen Beautiful Cyborg     HURT-04
HURT-05 Philip Brophy Filmmusic Vol.1     HURT-05
HURT-06 Ph2 Janet Leigh (Dead   HURT-06
HURT-07 Various Artists Decomposition


HURT-08 Philip Brophy Aurevelateur   HURT-08
HURT-09 Philip Brophy Beautiful Cyborg 2     HURT-09
HURT-10 Philip Brophy Kissed   HURT-10
HURT-11 Philip Brophy The Planets   HURT-11
HURT-12 Ph2 Northern Void   HURT-12
HURT-13 Philip Brophy Filmmusic Vol.2     HURT-13
HURT-14 Philip Brophy I Am Piano   HURT-14
HURT-15 Philip Brophy Voiceless   HURT-15

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