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The original idea for Sound Punch records was simple: film director Philip Brophy wanted to release a back-log of recorded material he had been producing for films, videos and installlations since the early 90s. It was not until he conducted experiments in Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital (for his own gore feature Body Melt, Marie Craven's award-winning short Maidenhead and Vincent Giarrusso's Mallboy) that he considered the potential for releasing his work in Dolby Surround on CD. This interest in multi-channel sound mixing pushed Philip to formally start the Sound Punch label at the end of 1999. Sound Punch has since functioned as Philip's avenue of documenting, archiving and releasing his own film scores, live 're-scored' presentations, plus various solo and collaborative musical projects.

The first 8 CDs released on Sound Punch were made under exclusive license through Rubber Records, special thanks to Dave Vodicka. That back catalogue and all other CDs are now produced and handled directly through Sound Punch and can be purchased (at specially reduced prices) directly from this site via Pay Pal.

In addition to the Dolby Surround CDs available, Sound Punch is now releasing DVD-Rs in Dolby Digital 5.1. These DVD-Rs are audio only, and are playable in all regions. The DVD-Rs contains the original quadraphonic and/or 5.1 mixes of most of Philip's surround-sound projects.


cat # artist/s CD title stereo
Dolby Surround CD Dolby 5.1
HURT-01 Philip Brophy The Cavern of Deep Tones   HURT-01
HURT-02 Ph2 Bionic Blue Bubblegum Slurpee   HURT-02
HURT-03 Lazy3 One Large Magnetic Cartridge     HURT-03
HURT-04 Philip Brophy, Franc Tetaz & Darrin Verhagen Beautiful Cyborg     HURT-04
HURT-05 Philip Brophy Filmmusic Vol.1     HURT-05
HURT-06 Ph2 Janet Leigh (Dead   HURT-06
HURT-07 Various Artists Decomposition


HURT-08 Philip Brophy Aurevelateur   HURT-08
HURT-09 Philip Brophy Beautiful Cyborg 2     HURT-09
HURT-10 Philip Brophy Kissed   HURT-10
HURT-11 Philip Brophy The Planets   HURT-11
HURT-12 Ph2 Northern Void   HURT-12
HURT-13 Philip Brophy Filmmusic Vol.2     HURT-13
HURT-14 Philip Brophy I Am Piano   HURT-14
HURT-15 Philip Brophy Voiceless   HURT-15

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