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Articles / talks

Review: Inland 17.1 concert
published in Wire, No.397, London, 2017

"Psycho-Acoustics: Bernard Herrmann's Semiotic Strings"
Peggy Glanville Hicks House, Sydney, 2016

Review: Inland 16.4 concert
published in RealTime No.134, Sydney, 2016

David Dead & Sounding Real: Lady Gagaís David Bowie Tribute on the 58th Annual Grammys
published for the column Audiovision, in RealTime No.132, Sydney, 2016

Unsound Vision: David Bowie Is (exhibition)
published for the column Audiovision, in RealTime No.130, Sydney, 2015

Classical Gas & Retrograde Ejaculation: 2Cellos' YouTube videos
published for the column Audiovision, in RealTime No.129, Sydney, 2015

Sine Qua Son: Considering the Sine Wave Tone in Electronic Art
published in Abstract Video Art, University of California Press, Los Angeles, 2015

Ephiphanies: John Cage (not)
reprinted in Epiphanies: Life-Changing Encounters With Music, Strange Attractor Press, London, 2015

Yoshihide Otomo's Between Art And Music
published in The Wire No.372, London, 2015

Kazuyuki Kishino / Makato Kawabata / Yumiko Tanaka
published in The Wire No.372, London, 2015

Sacred Sites and Screenic Figurines: Perfume at Love Japan Night
published for the column Audiovision, in RealTime No.124, Sydney, 2014

Public Singing & Imperfect Pitch
for the special section Freedom Principles, published in The Wire No.370, London, 2014

A Sonic Reading of Visualised Space: A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness
published online for The Wire, London, 2014

Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles' Last Transmission
published in The Wire No.369, London, 2014

Collateral Damage
published in The Wire No.363, London, 2014

"What's The Future For Music & Sound?"
panel participant, Melbourne Conversations, Deakin Edge, Melbourne, 2014

No-one plays the piano anymore: Slave Pianos' Sedular Gamelan
catalogue essay for Slave Pianos' The Lepidopters, Melbourne, 2014

Pseudo-Cinema & Deus Ex Musica: Crescendo (exhibition)
published for the column Audiovision, in RealTime No.119, Sydney, 2014

Affected Music & Emotional Exhaustion: Documentary of AKB48: Show Must Go On
published for the column Audiovision, in RealTime No.118, Sydney, 2013

Goblin Live: Melbourne Town Hall concert & ACMI live score to Suspiria
published in The Wire No.349, London, 2013

Non-Human Speech & Listening Cameras: Vocal Folds
published for the column Audiovision, in RealTime No.116, Sydney, 2013

Hypnagogic Horror - Hauntological Cinema: Berberian Sound Studio
published in Realtme No.113, Sydney, 2013

EVAPORATED MUSIC, Revoicing & Gendered Vocalization
published in Electrified Voices: Medial, Socio-Historical and Cultural Aspects of Voice Transfer, V&R Pres, Gottingen, 2013

EVAPORATED MUSIC, Revoicing & Gendered Vocalization
keynote talk delivered at REMIX, Victoria University, Melbourne, 2012

Returning The Gift: Conceptualising Music
published in Realtime No.105, Sydney, 2011

The Sound of an Androidís Soul - Music, Muzak and MIDI in Time Of Eve
published in Cinefile Vol.7 No.1, Vancouver, 2011

EVAPORATED MUSIC, Revoicing & Gendered Vocalization
keynote talk delivered at the ELECTRIFIED VOICES conference, Konstanz, Germnay, 2011

Swallowed By The Sound Of Music: I Love You by A Taste Of Honey (1979)
published in GUILTY PLEASURES, Circadian Songs, Singapore, 2011

War Against Pop: Saying, Singing & Suing
published in Real Time No.98/99, Sydney, 2010

Vocalising the Post-Human
published in Voice: Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Media and Media Art, MIT PRess, Massacheusetts 2010

EVAPORATED MUSIC, Revoicing & Gendered Vocalization
unpublished talk delivered in conjunction with the exhibition VIDEO LOGIC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2008

The Unradicality of Art: Self-centring Artists, Mediarised Crackpots & Alchemical Conductors
Column No.2 - 2008 Biennale of Sydney Critical Response, Artspace, Sydney, 2008

The Visual Arts & Pop Music - Like a Cat Fucking A Dog
unpublished talk delivered at the forum PLAY IT LOUD Artists' Week, Adelaide, 2008

Ephiphanies: John Cage (not)
published in The Wire, No. 273 November, London, 2006

Cine-Rock: An Embarassment of Riches
CD notes to Morpho's MORPHO,
Doctor Jim Records, Melbourne, 2005

The Abject in Pop Music
unpublished artist's talk delivered as part of the VIDEO HITS exhibition, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, 2004

Rock Stars & Fag Hags - Art & Pop Music
unpublished talk delivered at Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2003

CD notes to Honeysmack's ROCK CD, Smelly/Shock Records, Melbourne, 2003

CD notes to Lazy's MICROSONICS CD, Doctor Jim Records, Melbourne 2002

Baby, You're The Right Kind Of Wrong: Pop Music, Cinema & Other Holes
published in Photofile No.66, Sydney, 2002

Techno Collapse: Sound in the Age of Mechanical Malfunction
published in Like No.15, Sound Art special issues, Melbourne, 2003

Pale Glitter - Fat Sound
catalogue essay for NONE MORE BLACKER @ 200 Gertrude St., Melbourne, 2001

Sonic Occupancy: A Brief Walk Through Sampling, Sensation & Space
catalogue essay for RENT exhibition @ Overgaden, Coppenhagen 2000; published in RENT issue of Ojeblikket, Coppenhagen, 2000

Flick Bubble
CD notes to Honeysmack's FLICK BUBBLE CD, 1999

Hope You Die Before I Get Old
published in Like No. 5, Melbourne, 1998

Honeysmack Live
CD notes to Honeysmack's HONEYSMACK LIVE CD, 1997

Punk Art School
unpublished talk delivered @ a forum in conjunction with the PUNKULTURE exhibition, Performing Arts Museum Melbourne, 1997

Post Punk Graphics: The Displaced Present, Perfectly Placed
published in Stuffing No.3, Melbourne, 1990

This Ad's For You
published in Stuffing No.2, Melbourne, 1989

RAW POWER: It Is What It Is
press article for the AuGoGo records re-release of Iggy & The Stooges' RAW POWER LP, 1988

Sounding Vs. Sampling: Contracted Notes on the Concerptualization of Music Technology
published in New Music Articles No.6, Melbourne 1988

You Are There: Notes on Live Music
published in Third Degree No.4, Sydney, 1987

Avant-Garde Rock: History In The Making?
published in "Missing In Action - Australian Popular Music In Perspective", Graphics Publications, Melbourne, 1987

As Deaf As A Bat
published in Streetwise Flash Art: Is There A Future For Cultural Studies, Power Institute publications, 1987

Glimpses Of The Present
published in Tension No.8, Melbourne, 1985

Say Goodbye To Hollywood
published in Third Degree No.1, Sydney, 1984

Visions of Reality
published in Stuff No.6, Melbourne, 1983

published in Stuff No.4, Melbourne, 1983

Pop Music Where? Part 1: Semiotics in the Flesh
published in Virgin Press No.20, Melbourne, 1982

Pop Music Where? Part 2: Fleshy Semiotics
published in Virgin Press No.21, Melbourne, 1982

published in Fast Forward No.12, Melbourne, 1982

What Is This Thing Called 'Disco'?
published in Art & Text No.3, Melbourne, 1981

Book review: 'Subculture - The Meaning Of Style'
published in Art & Text No.1, Melbourne, 1981

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