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Oooh You're Hot
catalogue essay for Chris Langton exhibition, Tolarno Gallery, Melbourne, 2003

Vinyl Fantasy
published in
Gloss No.4, Melbourne, 2002

Sonic Occupancy: A Brief Walk Through Sampling, Sensation & Space
catalogue essay for RENT exhibition @ Overgaden,Coppenhagen 2000;
reprinted in Red No.1, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 2002

Being There

catalogue essay for Dominic Refern's BEING THERE @ 200 Gertrude St., Melbourne, 2000

Being Blind: A Polemical Manual for Using New Audiovisual Technologies
published in Iris No.27 - special issue on the state of sound studies, Paris, 1999

Fear of the Abstract: In the Void of the Tele-Audio-Visual
unpublished catalogue essay for SYNTHETICS video art exhibition, Power Museum, Sydney - 1998

Digital Art: Four Manias
catalogue essay for the exhibition TRICK OR TREAT, 200 Gertrude St, Melbourne, 1997

Spatial Logic & Dimensionality in Film

catalogue introduction for unpublished talk delivered @ Sound In Space, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 1995

Virtual Reality, Cyberspace & Hyper Media
unpublished talk delivered @ Perspecta Forum, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 1991

Read My Lips: Notes On Film Dialogue

published in Matters Of Style - Continuum Vol.3 No.3, Perth, 1991

Ingrained In Grain

unpublished talk delivered @ the Photography & Postmodernism forum, Victorian Centre for Photography, Melbourne, 1990

Film Narrative / Narrative Film / Music Narrative / Narrative Music
published in Cinema Papers No.71, Melbourne, 1989

The Non-Event Of Sound In Video Art

published in Scan No.1, Sydney, 1989

Sounding & Sampling
published in New Music Articles No.6, Melbourne, 1988

As Deaf As A Bat

published in Streetwise Flash Art: Is There A Future For Cultural Studies, Power Institute publications, 1987


published in Stuff No.4, Melbourne, 1983


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