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Projects / books in development

The Body Horrible
Book on the Body in contemporary culture

Films in development

(feature) - with co-producer Aida Innocente


(35mm Dolby Stereo feature funded by AFC & FilmVic) - produced by Rod Bishop & Daniel Scharf

(16mm Stereo featurette funded by AFC) - produced by Rod Bishop

Curatorial projects

Multimedia installation - Performance Space, Sydney & Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

Articles / talks

"The Sound of Godzilla's Footsteps"
symposium presentation, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2013

Goblin Live: Melbourne Town Hall concert & ACMI live score to Suspiria
published in The Wire No.349, London, 2013

Hypnagogic Horror - Hauntological Cinema: Berberian Sound Studio
published in Realtme No.113, Sydney, 2013

Tokusatsu Comes Alive
published in MadBlogs February, Madman Entertainment, Melbourne, 2013

Tokusatsu: Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
published in Frieze No.152, London, 2013

Copying Doctors - Consuming Cinema: HUMAN CENTIPEDE II
Realtme No.107, Sydney, 2012

ARASHI GA OKA: The Sound of the World Turned Inside-Out
Japanese Horror Cinema, Edinburugh University Press, Edinburugh, 2005

Sounds of Sex & Violence
unpublished talk delivered at Adelaide International Film Festival, Adelaide
, 2003 (includes section on Dario Argento's Suspiria)

Vinyl Fantasy
published in
Gloss No.4, Melbourne, 2002 (discusses Final Fantasy in relation to posthuman pornography)

Body Mats & Super Slams: Sport, Sound & Violence
unpublished notes from talk presented at the 4th CINESONIC: International Conference on Film Scores & Sound Design, Melbourne, 2001 (includes discussion of Godzilla Vs. King Kong & Jason and the Argonauts)

Monster Island: Godzilla & Japanese Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy
published in Postcolonial Studies, Vol.3 No.1, London, 2000

THE BIRDS: The Triumph of Noise Over Music
published in Essays In Sound No.4, Sydney, 1999

I Scream in Silence: Cinema, Sex & the Sound of Women Dying
published in CINESONIC: The World of Sound in Film, AFTRS Publishing, Sydney, 1999 (includes discussion of I Scream In Silence, The Exorcist, )

Sonic - Atomic - Neumonic: Apocalyptic Echoes in Japanese Animation
unpublished talk delivered at Life Of Illusion: 2nd International Conference on Animation, Sydney, 1995 (covers Akira & Urotsuki Doji)

TETSUO II: Mutant Offspring of Mutant Culture
catalogue essay for Japanese theatrical release of TETSUO II, 1993

Read My Lips: Notes On Film Dialogue
published in Matters Of Style - Continuum Vol.3 No.3, Perth, 1992 (covers The Abominable Dr. Phibes, Escape From New York, The Terminator, Robocop, The Exorcist, The Shining, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Dreamscape)

Apocalyptic Scenarios In Japanese Pop Culture
unpublished talk/slide-lecture delivered @ the 41st Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne, 1991 (discusses Godzilla, Akira & Urotsuki Doji)

Horrality: The Textuality of the Contemporary Horror Film
published in Art & Text No.3, Melbourne, 1983; reprinted in Screen UK, Vol.27 Nos.1/2, 1986; reprinted in THE HORROR READER, Routledge, London, 2000 (covers The Amityville Horror 1 + 2, The Thing, Scanners, The Fury, Chost Story, The Fog, Friday The 13th Part 1, An American Werewolf in London, The Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes)

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