Collections of reprinted articles & essays (1988 - 1991)
Posters for the 3 issues of Restuff


Restuff collected various published articles, essays and reviews Philip Brophy had been commissioned to write for a wide range of publications. All issues of Stuffed were photo stated, with silk-screened covers on coloured card.

Restuff 1 - Horror, Gore & Exploitation

(from the original Stuff Publications flyer)
"Philip Brophy slings the shit into the right fan. Obsessive yet astute writings on aspects of contemporary horror; censorship, pornography and moralistic sociologists; the difference between horror and terror; how horror took over sci-fi and returned it to the present; gore in rock videos; why parental psychology is horse shit; plus assorted sub-genre run-downs and consumer guides for exploitation video addicts."

Restuff 2 - Rock & Pop Culture

(from the original Stuff Publications flyer)
"Philip Brophy straps on a fuzz box and detunes your strings. Collected ramblings on the origins of arty white disco; subculture and signification; weird places where you find pop music these days; why fake is best and authentic roots suck; the dissolution of popular music markets; plus a set of remarkably no-academic columns of rock videos, covering topics like nuclear war, macho-feminism, corporate advertising, gratuitous violence and other trivial issues."

Restuff 3 - Media, Theory & Technology

(from the original Stuff Publications flyer)
"Philip Brophy puts his head in the art & technology machine and finds plenty of ghosts. Contains articles on why video art sucks; how 'ambient music' for films is a bluff; how experimental music screwed up video's chances of having interesting soundtracks; why there is no big deal about sampling technologies; plus other ruminations on how film, video and sound interconnect."