Live surround-sound music set derived from scores to Melbourne Planetarium commissions – 2003

CD and DVD-R audio release – 2009

          B A C K G R O U N D      o v e r v i e w      t e c h n i c a l    p o s t e r s      r e c o r d s    n e w s      r e v i e w s

The Planets is a live music set derived from the score commissioned by the Melbourne Planetarium for the show Launch Pad. The Launch Pad score required a range of musical styles to represent each of the solar systems planets. Cliches and icons were embraced: Venus is tres sexy; Mars is metal; etc. All tracks were composed in song format as opposed to employing any sort of 'ambient scoring' content. The response to the music was that it could work in a live setting, so now it has become both a live set, with a CD release of some of the tracks.

Both stero and quadraphonic versions have been performed at a variety of venues throughout 2003 and 2004. The music can basically be described as space-age-bachelor-pad electronica. The samples are eclectic and the songs' arrangements reference the ornate and highly melodic approach taken to easy-music orchestation. Beats are combined in some tracks; a few are beatless. The faux-metal track sticks out a bit, but so it should.

Thanks to Monica Zetlin, commissioning producer of the Melbourne Planetarium.

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