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CD & DVD-R audio release - 2009

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1. I Am Bill Evans

2. I Am Thelonius Monk

3. I Am Red Garland

4. I Am Andrew Hill

5. I Am Dave Brubeck

Composed & performed by Philip Brophy (sampler/instrument)

Produced & mixed in quadraphonic audio by Philip Brophy @ Gelatin across August 2005, July 2006 & April 2009

Mastered by Philip Brophy @ Gelatin, April 2009


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I Am Piano
CD $11

Plus $4 postage

This CD is encoded in stereo only. The CD comes in a jewel case with printed insert.
I Am Piano
DVD-R $15

Plus $4 postage

This DVD-R is an audio-only DVD (playable in all regions) and is encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1. It is designed to be played on surround amplifiers in Dolby Digital 5.1. The DVD comes in a plastic slip-case.

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