MOFO, Hobart © 2017 - photo by Jo Jepsen


Quartet formed by Tim Catlin in 2012.


'Vibrissa' instrument designer & ensemble director - Tim Catlin
Performers - Tim Catlin, Dave Brown, Atticus Bastow, Philip Brophy


"Overtone Ensemble 2" CD released on Important Records, MA USA
NEW MUSIC CLASSICS - Elsternwick Classic Cinema, Melbourne


SENSORY SOUNDINGS - Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne


MOFO - Museum of Old & New Art, Hobart


INLAND 16.9, - All Saints Church, Melbourne
Self titled CD released on Important Records, MA USA
Cassette released by Cassauna, MA USA


Strange Neighbour Gallery, Melbourne


SOUND OUT Festival - ANU Theatre 3, Canberra
NOW NOW Festival - Red Rattler, Sydney


Liquid Architecture SONIC CITY - RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne

Inland, Melbourne © 2016


Overtone Ensemble was instigated by Tim Catlin in 2012. Using the special vibrating rods (Vibrissas) he designed and built, the first iteration of the group was as a quartet of Tim, Dave Brown (these two having collaborated as Helium Clench), Atticus Bastow & Ceallaigh Norman. When Ceallaigh relocated to New Zealand, Tim called in Philip as replacement performer. For each performance, Tim devises a format utilizing the 4 Vibrissas. Rehearseals by the quartet realizes ways to develop the performance. Sometimes, the Vibrissas are augmented by additional percussive instruments, e-bow guitars, and/or contact mics put through pitch-shifting devices.

Sound Out Festival, Canberra © 2014 - photo by Eric Pozza


Tim Catlin describes the sound of Overtone Ensemble's key instruments: "Dubbed the Vibrissa, after feline tactile hair follicles (whiskers), these instruments are longitudinally stroked by hand and produce an ethereal, haunting sound. The long sustaining nature of the rods sound and close interval tunings allow players a sonic palette of vibrant textures and harmonic complexity. Microtonal rod tunings allow the group to explore and manipulate acoustic phenomena such as phasing, difference and beat tones, sympathetic vibrations and room resonance. The overall effect is of a shimmering sound field full of internal movement, strange harmonies and complex overtone patterns."

MOFO, Hobart © 2017 - photo by Remi Chauvin