Lecture series of formal presentations & course modules
cinema     m e d i a     a r t     m u s i c
Dissolving & Reconstituting Narrative Cinema
Contemporary Traces of the Modern Soundtrack
20th Century Music within the Cinema
Folk Rock & Pop within the Cinema
An Unsavoury History of Exploitation
Preliminary Concepts in Japanese Animation


Historical Markers of the Modern Soundtrack

1   Citizen Kane   1941 - Orson Welles (USA)
  Layers, levels & mixing   Orson Welles’ radiophonic legacy; distinctions & processes; radio as text; the gendered voice
2   The Birds   1963 - Alfred Hitchcock (USA)
  Volume, perspective & density   Hitchcock’s cinematic perversion; perception & comprehension; silence; physics, acoustics & grammar; rhythm
3   Playtime   1967 - Jacques Tati (France)
  Architecture & sonic space   Post-war Europe and building new cities; design form & purpose; aural/urban design; muzak
4   The Innocents   1961 – Jack Clayton (UK)
  Silence & breath   Ghostly acoustics; dimensional suggestion; altered mix states; possessed voices
5   Way of the Dragon   1972 - Bruce Lee (Hong Kong)
  Post-dubbing & the body   English language productions; foreign films; active dubbing; Hong Kong Kung- Fu movies
6   California Split   1974 - Robert Altman (USA)
  Voice, performance & live space   Robert Altman's sound-image fusion; noise & silence; vocal performance
7   Last Year In Marienbad   1960 - Alan Resnais (France)
  Textuality & vocal narration   The New Novel; monologues & dialogues; off-screen placement; spatial location
8   The Conversation   1972 - Francis Ford Coppola (USA)
  Distortion & misperception   Zones of audibility; private & public space; sonic stability; psycho-acoustics
9   Psycho   1960 - Alfred Hitchcock (USA)
  Psychological states & atonality   Profile - Bernard Herrmann; repetition & thematic structure; musical motifs
10   Once Upon A Time in the West   1968 - Sergio Leone (Italy)
  Opera, genre & theatre   Ennio Morrricone’s arrangements & recording; thematic song scoring; audio cues; self-reflexivity
11   West Side Story   1963 - Robert Wise (USA)
  Opera & lyric drama   Plasticity; mise-en-scene; transposition of stage musical; harmonic territorialization
12   The Umbrellas of Cherbourg   1969 - Jacques Demy (France)
  Operetta & sung narrative   Jacques Demy & Michel Legrand collaborations; musical narration; aabsence of dialogue; pictorial synthesthesia
13   Suspiria   1977 - Dario Argento (Italy)
  Rock & synthesizer scores   Historical streams & distinctions; modern & contemporary developments; time lines
14   Metropolis   1921 - Fritz Lang + 1983 - Giorgio Moroder (Germany/Italy)
  Silent cinema & sound/image relations   Time frame of ‘silent’ cinema; sound & music in the silents; how sound film language develops
15   Kwaidan   1963 - Masaki Kobayashi (Japan)
  Synchronism & mysticism   Toru Takemitsu’s decompostions; collapsed music; Eastern sensibilities; conscious theatrics; sono-musical gesture

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