Sound design, score production & music supervision to 35mm Dolby feature directed by Vince Giarrusso & produced by Fiona Eagger; funded by AFC, SBS Independent & Showtime - 2000
          B A C K G R O U N D     o v e r v i e w    t e c h n i c a l

Mallboy is a feature film funded by the Australian Film Commission, SBS Indepenent and Showtime. It has been developed by writer/director Vince Giarrusso and producer Fiona Eagger. The story follows young Shaun - living in a dysfunctional outer-suburban hom environment and continuallly on the brink of slipping into petty crime.

Essentially naturalistic in tone, Mallboy focuses on the relationship Shaun has with his mother and his father - whom has separated from the family and remains involved in light criminal activities. Shaun's mum fantasizes of the family getting back together, but both Shaun and his father realise this is unlikely. Shaun's mum clings to him, yet by the film's end she must come to turns with eventually parting ways with her son.

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