Film score & co-sound design to 16mm short directed by Marie Craven & produced by John Cruthers; funded by AFC - 1995
          B A C K G R O U N D     o v e r v i e w    t e c h n i c a l

Maidenhead is a short film funded by the Australian Film Commission and developed by writer/director Marie Craven and producer John Cruthers. It stars Alice Garner as Alice - a young woman who moves through a series of quasi-surreal episodes and encounters with people in everyday situations. The character Alice is a meld of the numerous 'Alices in Wonderlands' that have been referenced in stories intent on exploring emotional/psychological transformations that occur when a female character 'wanders' across unfamilar terrain.

Very much a 'dream narrative', Maidenhead is comprised of around 7 discrete episodes - each featuring Alice, but none connecting or linking to each other. They are like random moments or chapters in her memory or imagination. The staging is very naturalistic, but the sequencing and flow of the collected episodes doesn't map out any grand plot situation, but rather details subtle shades of Alice's psyche and emotional composure.

Maidenhead premiered at the 44th Melbourne International Film Festival in 1995. The score to Maidenhead was released on the CD Filmmusic Vol.2 by Sound Punch Records in 2009.

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