Live jazz-noise collaboration with the duo Lazy (Dave Brown & Sean Baxter) - 1998

CD release developed from the performancss - 1999
          B A C K G R O U N D     o v e r v i e w    t e c h n i c a l   p o s t e r s    r e c o r d s   n e w s    r e v i e w s

For some years, free-jazz radicals Dave Brown and Sean Baxter have been playing around town as Lazy. Philip Brophy had seen both Dave and Sean in various incarnations, but LAZY jettisoned him into a stratosphere of pure rocked-out sound the likes of which he had never heard before.

Before long, the opportunity arose to record Lazy when they collaborated with Tokyo noise guitarist KK Knull (of Zeni Geva fame). These as-yet-unreleased sessions gave Philip an insight to the intricate and complex ways in which Dave and Sean improvized and shaped their music.

Later, Philip approached Dave and Sean with the idea of trying out as a trio, incorporating electronics into their jazz-noise. One rehearsal in a shed down on the docks resulted in the tracks (all of which appear on One Large Magnetic Cartidge on Sound Punch records). In an unexpected way, the trio molecularly fused a range of styles and listening pleasures which each member had been pursuing of late. Sean was moving from Coltrane skin shimmers into acoustic Drum & Bass patterns; Dave was pushing his guitar into a terrain closer to Pierre Henry than Jimi Hendrix; and Phil delighted in using two Roland SH1 systems which cannot be tuned, forcing him to instantaneously get a sound and ride it alongside Sean and Dave's rhythms.

Lazy3 performed at a number of pub venues with a set that culminating in the mostly-live one-take recording of One Large Magnetic Cartidge. Lazy3 have also performed in quadraphonic sound in the outdoors at specially organized Sound Punch concerts at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and the Percy Grainger Museum, both in Melbourne.

And the sound of Lazy3? As if Miles Davis and Luciano Berio had been caught in a landslide next to an electrical power station north of Kalgoorlie. Distant signals are still being tracked; strange rumblings are still being felt; and the water supply is seriously infected.


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