Dangerous Orbits CD © 2021 φonon records - design by Philip Brophy


KTB is a trio of noise artist Kazuyuki Kishino, guitarist Mitsuru Tabata (both formerly of Zeni Geva) and drummer Philip Brophy.


Algorythmic beat, noise - Kazuyuki Kishino
Guitars, guitar synthesizer - Mitsuru Tabata
Drums - Philip Brophy


Tracks composed/record by Kazuyuki Kishino in Tokyo
Tracks composed/recorded by Philip Brophy in Melbourne


Tracks composed/recorded by Mitsuru Tabata in Tokyo


Mixed/mastered by Kazuyuki Kishino in Tokyo


DANGEROUS ORBITS CD released on φonon records, Tokyo


The KTB project extends the wide-ranging collaborations Kazuyuki has embarked on for decades. This one is possibly the most rhythmically oriented, yet it retains the formidable density of noise typical of Kazuyuki's solo work as KK Null. The outcomes of Kazuyuki and Philip's originating tracks are enhanced and widened by the searing, soaring and sizzling guitars of Tabata. Kazuyuki's titling of the tracks on the Dangerous Orbits CD reflects the expansive cosmo-sonic ecstacies born of this collaboration.


The KTB project started out as an open-ended collaboration between Kazuyuki and Philip. After meeting up with each other at various times in Tokyo over the years, the idea to embark on a recording collobration was floated. Kazuyuki sent Philip around 15 tracks of complex rhythmatized noise (similar to the maximal noise tracks of KK Null). Instead of counterpointing or performing free-noise to these bombastic tracks, Philip attempted to drum live in synch to the tracks after deciphering the BPM behind them. A series of drum recordings were produced, most with 2 layers of live drumming on prepared drum kits (similar to Philip's drumming in works like Arrhythmia and Kissed). These tracks were sent back to Kazuyuki, who mixed them into his existing tracks. Kazuyuki then invited Tabata to overlay his guitar tracks, resulting in his apocalyptic chorales of chiming noise and symphonic wails.