Live quadraphonic score to Andy Warhol's Kiss (1964) - 2008.

CD & DVD-R audio release 2009
         B A C K G R O U N D     o v e r v i e w     t e c h n i c a l   p o s t e r s    r e c o r d s    s t i l l s   n e w s    r e v i e w s

Kissed was developed as part of the music programe curated by Paul Curtis (Consume Management) to co-incide with the ANDY WARHOL retrospective at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia. Kissed features a score composed, produced and performed by Philip Brophy to accompany the silent film serialisation of the black and white silent single reel 16mm shorts titled "Kiss", directed by Andy Warhol across 1964.

The score is composed by Philip Brophy, who plays drums, samples (strings & fretless bass), electric pianos and synth keyboards. The score is produced & mixed by Philip Brophy in quadraphonic audio at Gelatin. For the live presentations, Philip plays additional keyboards & percussive samples.

Special Thanks:
Paul Curtis - Consume Management
Jose DaSilva & Steve Gooding - Australian Cinematheque
Abigail Moncrieff & Jared Davis - Experimenta
Richard Sowada & Andre Bernard - ACMI

Rhys Richards - assistant engineering for the studio recordings
The Andy Warhol Foundation

State Library of Queensland, Brisbane
ACMI Cinema, Melbourne
Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

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