SD video w/ Dolby Digital 5.1 audio - 2006 + 2008
B A C K G R O U N D     o v e r v i e w     t e c h n i c a l
   s t i l l s    p o s t e r s    n e w s   r e v i e w s

Evaporated Music is a series of Dolby 5.1 SD video suites full of grossly emotional imagery and monstrously alien sound. In Evaporated Music 1, big-budget hi-gloss video clips by Elton John, Billy Joel & Phil Collins, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion & Mariah Carey are taken whole and uninterrupted. In Evaporated Music 3, uploaded videos of performances by a selection of amateur and professional string quartets are the focus. In Evaporated Music 2, a range of appearances of 'fake' bands on TV shows (California Dreams, Pugwall, Full House, The Heights, Kids Incorporated, Saved By The Bell) are rescored with metal music. This sceond installment of the project is subtitled "At The Mouth Of Metal".

In both cases, the audio track of music is erased. In Evaporated Music 1, it is replaced by a complete cinematic sound design, constructed to synch to every on-screen movement. In Evaporated Music 2, a song is heard, but it is a completely new metal song composed to perfectly match the performers' movements and vocalization.This project continues a long line of work in the co-joining of new audio to pre-existing imagery, and Evaporated Music is a most extreme audio-visual meld. The effect is seamless and unsettling – yet utterly bereft of the original songs and music.

Parts a+b were produced in 2006. The remaining parts c-f were produced in 2008. The complete suite was first exhibited/installed in 2009.

Associated writing on audiovision in relation to video clips includes the article Baby You're The Right Kind of Wrong: Pop Music, Cinema & Other Holes plus the series Rock & Pop Video Clips. See also the artist's talks EVAPORATED MUSIC & The Abject In Pop Music - and EVAPORATED MUSIC, Revoicing & Gendered Vocalization plus Image is Asprin - Sound is Sperm - the latter an unpublished response to the questionnaire from the exhibition VIDEO HITS: Art & Music Video.

For information on the first installment of this project: Evaporated Music 1

For information on the third installment of this project: Evaporated Music 3: Classical Corpus Delecti

Evaporated Music 2: At The Mouth Of Metal

Neon Parc Gallery, Melbourne (Part 2 a-f) (5.1 version)
ART PARTY, (Part 2 a-f) Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (5.1 version)
UNCO, (Part 2 a-f) Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin (stereo version)
SOUNDINGS: A CONTEMPORARY SCORE, (Part 2 a-f) Museum of Modern Art, New York (5.1 version)
UNCO, (Part 2 a-f) Torrance Art, Los Angeles (stereo version)
TERRAINS, Stampa Gallery, Basel (Part 2 a-f) (stereo version)
TRACE ELEMENTS, Performance Space, Sydney (Part 2 a-f) (5.1 version)
ONE OF US CANNOT BE WRONG, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne (Part 2 a+b) (5.1 version)
Artspace, Sydney (Part 2 a) (5.1 version)

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