SD video w/ Dolby Digital 5.1 audio - 2000 + 2004
b a c k g r o u n d     o v e r v i e w     T E C H N I C A L
   s t i l l s    p o s t e r s    n e w s   r e v i e w s

Evaporated Music 1

Sound Post Production

Utilizing the basic approach to film sound design, the video clips were broken down into scene locations, then ideas for surround-sound atmospheres and spot/singular sound effects were itmemized. The selection of these sounds were based on creating a specific 'aural dimension' and 'sound stage' for the evaporated realm now inhabited by the demusicalized singers. After the sounds were recorded (by both Philip Brophy & Jennifer Sockachyj) they were digitized, sampled and waveform edited into mulit-channel events and passages. Throughout these processes, some of the original sounds were replaced by others as new ideas developed (the "?" listed denotes parts not clearly envisioned until actual sound processing was underway), but the charts were always used as a guiding structure against which the sound design's development was checked and evaluated. (The charts for Parts 1 d, e & f are listed below.)

A phono-labial reinterpretation of the lyrics was drafted and performed, reducing them to abstract vocalized utterances to match the onscreen lip movements. (An example of the Part 1 a is listed belwo). These vocal recordings were then processed further and added to the sound design mix. Complete foley tracks were also recorded (sounds of body movements footsteps, rustlings fo fabrics, etc.) to enhance the cinematic effect of the onscreen person appearing to inhabit the screen space. Finally the complete multi-tracked compositions were mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1. Apart form spatizliation, this entailed noting waves and arcs of aural drama in order to shape and sculpt the sonic bombast into an auralization of the narrative implied by the video clips linear sturcture.

Sound Design

Part 1 d (Celine Dion)
Celine’s voice = crone/witch – very raspy and cat-coughing.
Lots of sudden filters opening up.
Lots of thunder-cracking filters closing down.
Surround swirling for rotating camera work.
Reverb spills and sheets to fold in waves toward rear speakers.

Scene  Atmospheres  Effects
Estate   Fireworks display
Chinese New Year crackers
Hallway 1 Wooing wind
Rain heard from inside
Lightning booms deep
Motor bike turned on
Motor bike revs & revving
Hallway 1 Vapour emissions (dry ice) Mineral water bottle being opened
Hallway 1 Wood chimes mass shimmering (lines of candles) Motor bike revving
Motor bike deep revving
Phone book flick backwards (bike disappearing)
Lid of cooking pot suddenly lifted (bike disappearing)
Weather vane Pouring rain outside heavy 1 Metal creaking
Front of mansion Pouring rain outside heavy 1 Lightning booms deep
Motor bike revving & departing
Road Pouring rain outside heavy 2
Tearing paper
Lightning booms deep
Motor bike speeding
Electrical sparks (headlight glints)
Oil splatters (tree strike)
Juicer (bike engine skidding)
Knife sharpener (bike engine scraping)
Casserole dish on sink, board & concrete Floor (bike shell skidding)
Rhodes mic case crackle (sparks)
Handling metal tools w/distortion (bike skidding/crashing)
Boudoir asleep Pouring rain outside light
Vocoder processing
Lightning booms mid
Mortar/pestle (statue)
Flapping cardboard (candle)
Crackers (picture flashes)
Chrome ball light
Office chairs on wooden floor
Boudoir awake   Light crackling fire
Heavy close-up fire (lovemaking)
Boudoir window Whizzing cords
Flapping sheets
Car door w/reverb (windows open)
Fridge door shut processed (windows shut)
Cracking tin sheets covered with rice w/reverb (white light bursts))
Boudoir mirror Piano scrape 1 (spooky scene)
Piano scrape 2 (normal scene)
Cloth rubbing (shadow on wall)
Processed cloth (appearance of man in mirror)
Metal gong (touches normal mirror)
The kiss Pidgeon cooing Rubber gloves with gloop
Lip smacking
Corridor Train drone Single fireworks explosion (doors opening)
Ball rolling on floor (running)
Piano room 1 Piano scrape 3
Guitar string scraping
Guitar neck pings
Piano room 2 Piano scrape 4 Glass smashing
Leaves being rustled/blow/crunched
Picture gallery SW radio crackling
Vocoder textures
Low pitched bowl rubbing (general rotation)
High pitched bowl rubbing (dream hug spin)

Part 1 e (Mariah Carey)
Mariah’s voice = highly feminized robot breaking up
Except for all the shots where she’s oohing/aahing = guttural breaths and groans
Pitch de-tune every time image goes out of focus.
Shift out of focus sections to extreme left & right then into left/right rear speakers.
Create spooky forest surround sound.

Scene  Atmospheres  Effects
River Night crickets
Creaking door
Glass tuned (OOF blue light)
High hat tinkles (water reflections)
Little water splashes
Big water splashes
Kids' room Deep howling wind Electronic drone
Cabins Frogs  
Fireside Running creek
Crackling fire
Glass tuned (OOF blue light)
Forest Multiple wind howls
Bush winds
Creaking wooden floor
Moon Horizon Single firecracker  
Underwater Dumpmaster rumble Wheelie bin down laneways
Lip popping (bubbles)
Flash frames   Single tongue click
Wood block tap
Girls singing chorus   Tom drum hand flaps
Kid’s kiss underwater   Dumpmaster bash

Part 1 f (Gloria Estafan)
Gloria’s voice = extreme fuzz/radio tone, like an electronic lioness.
More sound effects than atmospheres.
Lots of harsh edits & cuts to silence.
Lots of extremely short hper-processed/abstrated fragments of original sound effects.
Lots of kung-fu style fabric flicks and bone cracks.

Scene  Atmospheres  Effects
Bar Baboon roars & screams  
Flames Casino flameballs 1  
Film leader   VHS deck tape-threading
Blurred light background w/ silhouettes Cockatoos  
Group in rain Dense rain
Water fountain
Eye   Triangle
Glitter ball Parakeets  
CU/MS dancers    
Musicians in silhouette Drum skin pressed/released  
Guy drumming   Glass sheet thumping/drumming
Film frame slip   Nails on bed sheet
Light bulb dance floor Clusters of champagne glasses being tinkled  
Musicians strobed Fan flicking paper  
Turntable Rolling ceramic cup on table Turntable scratch
DJ at mic   Baboon growl
Flashes of coloured clothes Fighting s eagulls  
Gloria in black    
Toilet w/fish Cistern rising
Gloria’s curls  processed effects  
Film frame burn   Cellophane sheet crackle
Gloria hair-up  processed effects  
Flame balls   Casino flameballs 2
Confetti Massed firecrackers Shaking packet mix
Gloria on couch  processed effects  
Hair flicks Acetalyne torch ignition  
 White flashes   Fireworks

Phono-labial Charts

No lyrics of the original songs are sung. In place, phonetic approximations to match the labial lip movement have been scripted. Also, voice is only audible when the screen contains an image of the performer's lips moving. When the image cuts away to another scene, the audible voice disappears.

Part 1a (Elton John) Part 1b (Phil Collins) Part 1c (Billy Joel)
It’s secure mummant sign
When sing soul on
Into he bound airy
Of each narried mind
Cocoa hard
Hard done bayou
Some things left bear dar baby
Ennis no sacred fire
Justice simple world
Buddy’s no sacred fire
No sacred fire
It snow sack of fire atoll
Sensitivity bills a prism
In the final act
No teet to damage
When jealousy burn
Cold cold heart
Hard on bayou
Something slept better pay bee
Ennis no sacred fire
Justice symbol earth
It’s two hearts livid
Into separate whirls
Ennis no sacred fire
No sacred fire
Snow sacred fighter tall
Cocoa hard
Ennis no sacred fire
Justice thimble were
Into separate whirls
No sacred fire
Ennis no sacred fire
No sacred fire
Snow sacred fighter tall
Some hair dowder rogue, you go into finder pace
But you won knee toe stair
Bar chew might loser string underweigh
But your one beer loan
Cosabi here to caddy you along
Cos winchycums a long she could be bray king hit
Cos shmay soon be gorn, sew don lou beck
Sheets knot the only won – remember zatt
If you hearty’s bee ting fast, then yore ranch Israelite
If food Dunne oh what oud do
Re member shears justice kedders you
Key pit their – re member watt ice Ed
Eyer bjorg wavs with you – don’t forget
Just lou coder yosh older – Eye willoughy dare; oh-oh-oh
You luke bee hine you – Eye willoughy dare
Eye willoughy dare
You luke bee hine you
Eye willoughy dare
Weed in studder buyer
He was always earning sin the worse bitter neg
Weed in studder buyer
Dough weeding like it where be train to far tit
But weir be a bone til be still let on anon anon anon
Part 1d (Celine Dion) Part 1e (Mariah Carey) Part 1f (Gloria Estefan)
Dare ware nyze wen da win doorers sore colt
Em barddy fro sinbad if ages Lisson do it write ads eyed a wind oh
Dare whir daze wind a son wah soak gruel
The tall that ears turn tudors tan eye jars new myers word rye ying a pour revver
... left
An daicon trim member wearer where know-how
... banny stare free mammary Euan eye hat air ver -
Where night achoo like this an die-hole dew liker dat
Ear sew heart-ooby leave butters hall car Mingh bark tomb me
Dare worth thin sighed never doer Ken Bart then they doll way seamed write
... laws allow
... ear few knead meal Eiger dat
... dared longer go butters hall karmic bare tomb me
Here so artery cyst annise hall ... bark tomb me
Eye can bare Leigh reak all butters hall karmic bare tomb me
... hear story with the sla -
... never wasted any of my time on you since then
... tar chew lie curd hiss
... ear fire key sue liie curd at
... wither winter butters hall karmic bark -
... Dare worm omen sogo adder whir flaire shares offal ate
Bay bee, bay bee, bay bee, where tar chew lie curd hiss
... where new me -
Ear truss gong wither win debar tit sulk hum in bark tomb me
Wear new seamy lie curd hiss
Den whizzy wart twee wan choosy
Hall car Mingh bark tomb me
Tough legend are Fanta seesaw -
Eye kin bare Leigh reak all butters hall karmic bare tomb me -
... oooooooowwww
... fork if me halled hiss
Ear fife or give ewe wall dat
Wee fork if van fork hat -
... tar chew liker dat
Ear feud ooh wit liiker hiss
Annie free ...
Dude-do-dude / dew-dew-dew d-dew-d-d
Weir urges won big – over sinning me – might I’m
... dat chew wood all weighs beam iron
... Freeze oh -
Hour larva ill never dynamo
No-no-no –
Oh-oh-oh –
Oud are lingers ewe law lways -
Eye ain’t go neck rah nor -
... toasty ‘f’ -
Eye will knots tan din yore weigh-ay-ay-ay
Jewel bee backer gay -
Hour larva ill never rend no
... you’ll haul -
... your daze annual nice -
... old dare – oh -
Yule beer eye to back bay bee
... mat tear-off tea-eye-eye-aim
never – no no – you -
Eye – will all -
chez me
S’hulls ah
S’hulls ah
Meek web oh Peter
Oye meek web oh Peter’s hulls ah
Oye meek web oh Peter’s hulls ah
Aircon estuary more – no queer opera
Oye key Esther’s hussy end oh
Ace toy cayenne dough
Laugh worser seem Eva
Deem acquiesce tar spense and oh
Me gust as merci mascara Eno
Konka darl arty dough demi core a zone
Me in a more or much or master tea
Maurice eat oh arse era tea and pock wheat oh Mars
Ya Vera’s comode Davis iron a more harder me
Oye oye oye
Oye meek web oh Peter’s hulls ah
... no queer opera
Dali – not encase me Edo
Take queer Rowan tray car
Reek oh – being par ghetto
Devo yuck on quizz star careen oh
Con un be so pier dollar raisin
Sea interst a low cure a ear no segue has air
... core a zone
Oye meek web oh Peter’s hulls ah
Kali end day
S’hulls ah!
A a a a a
Oye meek web oh Peter’s hulls ah
Aircon estuary more – no queer opera
Oye oye oye


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