Honeysmack Live

liner notes for Honeysmack Live Smelly Records, 1997

Bubble & Squeak. Carved-up leftovers from one night's crappy meal, frozen in a plastic bag and slam-dunked into a fry pan the next morning. Acid. The shit that happens in your stomach from eating 24hr supermarket food. Bubble & Squeak. The pulsing, volcanic, liquid noise from analogue filters, tweaked by envelope generators. Acid. The real shit that happens when your wood-grained synth jams into the suburban rock-out of a second hand fuzz box. Acid is old skool that stood its ground. It stayed put, got more pumped, turned things up too much, whacked it all through compressors. Acid got fat like Sumo. Acid got icy like a Slurpee. Acid got sweet like Honeysmack. Fuck LSD. Fuck the globe. Fuck club culture. Fuck digital synthesis. Grit your teeth, peel back your ear lobes and swallow whole the sweet throb of Honeysmack's non-stop live-as-fuck Bubble & Squeak.

Text © Philip Brophy. Image © Smelly Records.