Ethical Media Studies 101

Covid-19 lock-down film recommendations, Efficient Space blog, Melbourne, 2020

Topic A: Using social media is for idiots. Respond.

Reading: Ingrid Goes West (2017) d. Matt Spicer, s. Aubrey Plaza & Elizabeth Olsen.
Hint: a very good movie until the last minute when it’s pretty bad.
Anime alternative: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011).

Topic B: Designing social media is for arseholes. Respond.

Reading: The Circle (2017) d. James Polsoldt, s. Emma Watson & Tom Hanks.
Hint: a very bad movie that gets worse the more it tries to be good.
Anime alternative: Psycho-Pass (2012-2014).

Topic C: Being an agent of change is delusional. Respond.

Reading: Enlightened (2011-2013) c. Lauren Dern & Mike White, s. Laura Dern, Diane Lad & Mike White.
Hint: a very good series all the time.
Anime alternative: Harmony (2015).

Topic D: Imagining the world to be better is offensive. Respond.

Reading: Downsizing (2017) d. Alexander Payne, s. Matt Damon.
Hint: a very bad movie all the time.
Anime alternative: Terraformars (2014-2016).

Topic E: Imagining the world to be free is offensive. Respond.

Reading: The Island (2005) d. Michael Bay, s. Scarlett Johansson & Ewan McGregor.
Hint: a very bad movie in every possible way.
Anime alternative: Assassination Classroom (2015-2016).

(Note: instant fail for watching US-dubbed anime.)

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