Fashion As

Body-Becoming, Post-Cloth & Inverted Gesture

Notes from talk at INTERMESH forum on Fashion, Centre of Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, 2004

1. Fashion as 'body-becoming'

a. Street kids & deformed stretching
b. BBWs and T-shirt crisis
c. Boy chefs & wife-dressing

2. Fashion as 'post-cloth'

a. The cult of the inner-self & EXTREME MAKE-OVER
b. Penile implants & dressing from the inside

3. Fashion as 'inverted gesture'

a. The hip-o-meter game & 80s retro
b. The Gaultier-effect & too-late-punk
c. Chambray shirts & THE PANEL

4. Encore

a. The embarrassment of MAD MAX.

Text © Philip Brophy. Images © respective copyright holders.