35mm Dolby stereo feature - 1993

4k restoration Blu-Ray w/Dolby Digtal 5.1 - 2016
          B A C K G R O U N D     o v e r v i e w     t e c h n i c a l    s t i l l s     p o s t e r s     r e c o r d s

   n e w s     r e v i e w s

Body Melt is a $1.65m feature film funded by the Australian Film Commission and Film Victoria. It was shot late 1992, with post-production completed by mid-1993.

The film is directed by Philip Brophy, whose 4 short stories formed the basis of a screenplay written by Brophy and Rod Bishop. Bishop is also co-producer with Daniel Scharf. Special make-up effects are by Bob McCarron; cinematography by Ray Argall; production design by Maria Kozic; and music score by Brophy. Body Melt's cast includes Gerard Kennedy; Andrew Daddo; Vince Gil; Neighbours stars Ian Smith & Ben Guerens; Blue Heelers Lisa McCune & William McGuiness; Flying Doctors heart-throb Brett Climo; plus Regina Gagailas, Adrian Wright, Tommy Dysart, Stygg Wemyss & Rosemary Margan.

Festival screenings:
Sitges Fantasy Film Festival, Barcelona; London Film Festival; Melbourne Film Festival; Dublin Film Festival
AFI nominations:
Best Sound, Best Art Direction, Best Editing
Limited theatrical release Australia:
Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney
thru DUMB Films
Domestic video release Australia:
thru 21st Century
International sales (theatrical, cable, broadcast, video, laser-disc):
UK, France, USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Baltic States, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Brazil

Domestic & international DVD releases:
Australia, UK, USA, France, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Holland
Domestic streaming:
SBS On Demand
Australian Blu-Ray release (4k restoration w/Dolby Digital 5.1 mix):
thru Umbrella Entertainment

2k screening, Astor Cinema, Melbourne

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