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Beautiful Cyborg 1

Beautiful Cyborg 1 was first developed for the Melboune International Film Festival in 2000. Conceptually devised by Philip Brophy, it features 6 portraits of famous anime characters compiled and edited by Cassandra Tytler. To these portraits, Philip Brophy, Francois Tetaz & Darrin Verhagen co-composed music which was then performed live to the projected portraits.

The music is also accompanied by sound design by Philip Brophy working from sound effects he recorded with Jennifer Sochackyj. The music and sound design are presented in 4-channel surround and played directly through the amplifier & speaker set-up at the Treasury Theatre.

A CD has been developed from the music and mixed in Dolby Surround by Francois Tetaz. Titled Beautiful Cyborg it is released through Sound Punch Records. The launch for the CD was presented with a live performance at the Kino Cinema in 2002.

Beautiful Cyborg 2

Beautiful Cyborg 2 continues the project, this time with 6 new portraits, again edited by Cassandra Tytler. The score this time is a solo work by Philip Brophy. It was premiered at Japanime 02 in Sydney, 2002, at the Dendy Circular Quay Cinema, using the same 4-channel surround sound concept as in the first Beautiful Cyborg. It was also presented in Melbourne as part of the touring Japanime 02 programme.

Beautiful Cyborg 2 has since been presented at the inaugral Adelaide International Film Festival in 2003; the Australian National Gallery, Canberra in 2004; the Powerhouse, Brisbane in 2006; the Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth in 2007.

A CD release of Beautiful Cyborg 2 is available through Sound Punch Records.

The approach to sound design for the effects and atmospheres in Beautiful Cyborg 1 + 2 is based on Philip's writing on anime sound design, such as his articles Sonic - Atmomic - Penumonic: Apocalyptic Echoes in Japanese Anime and Neon Genesis Evangelion: Apocalyptic The Tyranny of the English Voice in Anime.

The approach to the the music themes employed for Beautiful Cyborg 2 is based on Philip's writing on music in Japanese cinema, such as his articles Asia Minor & Other Eastern Modes Part 1: The Skin of the Human Drum and Asia Minor & Other Eastern Modes Part 2: Sukiyaki, Chow Mein, Minstrone. That and his love of the glistening treacle of J-Pop idol singers.

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