Book on film soundtracks - published by BFI London, 2004
          B A C K G R O U N D     o v e r v i e w     t e c h n i c a l    n e w s     r e v i e w s

Part of the same BFI Screen Guide as 100 ANIME , 100 Modern Soundtracks provides a soundmap to a hundred films that engage the ears. Covering titles as diverse as Way of the Dragon and Apocalypse Now, Le Samourai and Stalker, Angel Dust and Citizen Kane, each entry outlines the film's distinctive contribution to the hitherto underexplored realm of sound and music in cinema.

100 Modern Soundtracks guides the reader through an alternative cinema canon of the ‘ear’, highlighting sonically exciting and remarkable films from across the world and their amazing diversity of purpose and effect. This vibrant book addresses how most film criticism has underestimated the significance of the soundtrack, and details ways in which the film soundtrack is defined by the meeting of two sonic forces: film scoring and sound design.

Through a detailed introduction followed by analyses (or more accurately 'hearing’) of 100 films, the reader is compelled to 'listen – not look’ and to ‘think with their ears’. 100 Modern Soundtracks is a provocative and absorbing guide to some of the most exciting uses of sound and music in popular and international cinema.


262 pgs softback & hardback - available through the BFI

100 Modern Soundtracks has also been released in Japanese translation by Tetsuro Shimauchi and published by Film Art, Tokyo.

The book has been retitled Cinesonic - The Sonic Cinema 100. It contains all the titles covered in the original BFI edition, but here divided into the 7 sections of film sound outlined in the opening essay.

Japanese link to Film Art info on this book.

256 pgs softback - available through Film Art

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