Book on Japanese animation - published by BFI London, 2005
          B A C K G R O U N D     o v e r v i e w     t e c h n i c a l    n e w s    r e v i e w s   l e c t u r e s

Part of the same BFI Screen Guide as 100 MODERN SOUNDTRACKS , 100 Anime is a wild ride through a hundred examples of Japanese animation. Covering everything from the sombre tone of Please Save My Earth and Tombstone For Fireflies; to outrageous comedies like Combustible Campus Guardless and Adolesence of Utena; to the deep psychologicsal explorations of Ghost In The Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion, each entry outlines the work's dynamic reflection of Japanese sensibilities.

100 Anime guides the reader through the strange world that is Japanese animation, detailing its unique difference to the bulk of western/European narrative models and illustrative conventions. Orienting the perspectives used throughout the book is an overall concept of how Japanese post-war popular culture is a lively fusion of spiritual, mystical, technological and representational codes which rarely are allowed such mutation and cross-fertilization.

Through a detailed introduction followed by analyses of 100 anime tiles, the reader is exposed to the wonderfully perplexing overload that is Japanese animation.


262 pgs softback & hardback - available through the BFI
Now in 2nd printing

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